Dispensational Timeline – Barabbas Road Church in San Diego

In this “Whiteboard Wednesday” YouTube video presentation, Pastor Matt of Barabbas Road Church in San Diego discusses the dispensational timeline as represented by the Bible. This topic, something that has been taught at his church in San Diego many times, gives clarity to God’s overall timeline.

The main point of this timelines manifests that God is working with two different people groups: Israel, and the Church. Israel is distinct in that it is a nation of people, and the Church is distinct in that it is a body of people.

The two entities are found in the dispensational timeline of the Bible. From the book of Genesis all the way through to Acts chapter 2 in the New Testament, the timeline focuses on the nation of Israel. They were God’s chosen people, created and cared for by him, and for whom He sent Jesus to save them from sin and death.

Then from Acts chapter 2 until Revelation chapter 3, the Bible focuses on the formation and the setting of the early Christian Church. The book of Acts is all about the actions of the Holy Spirit to bring people to faith and to grow the Christian Church.

Then in Revelation chapter 3 through the end of the book, God is talking about the nation of Israel again and how they will be saved through Him. These three main sections, focusing on two distinct groups, make up the dispensational timeline of the Bible.

If the timeline only focused on Israel and the section from Acts chapter 2through Revelation chapter 3 did not exist, then the Bible would make sense for the Jewish people and for their faith. However, God is doing something unique in the Bible. He is covering all people – including the Christian Church – to be the recipients of His bountiful promises and covenants. These blessings are meant not just for the nation of Israel, but for all people who put their trust and faith in God.

Understanding the dispensational timeline a little better can facilitate an easier studying of the Bible. It can shed clearer light as to where and how certain things fit in the timeline.

You can watch the whole Whiteboad Wednesday video below.