Theological Resources

There is a tremendous amount of false and untrustworthy information available online, for that reason we wanted to recommend  some wonderful resources to further your walk with God. Also, please check out our book list to see many available books on the topic of theology.

Theology Class

Theology Class is a place to learn about theology (the study of God). It is held on Tuesday nights and is taught by Head Pastor, Matt Smith.


This site gives you access to free online video lectures and theological journals from the Master’s Seminary.

The Institute of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship has an extensive amount of free and lessons on Biblical counseling.

This is a free Bible commentary. There are over 7,000 pages of notes. These are lecture notes from a seminary professor complied over decades of teaching. They go verse by verse through the whole Bible.


RefNet is an online Christian radio app. RefNet’s daily programming is God-centered, God-honoring, and committed to the historic Christian faith.