Community Service

One of the most important aspects of serving is commitment, the more you take part in something the more you have a long term impact, while one time service is nice the person who becomes a regular part of a team will have more opportunities to serve and a more fruitful ministry. These are some recommended avenues to pursue if you want to find a ministry opportunity in the community. You will need to contact the appropriate personal and proactively take the proper steps; some opportunities may require training or application processes.


Possible opportunities: counseling, support, admin, nursing.
Contact: (619) 337-8080 and ask for Lisa or email

SDUSD (School District)

Volunteers act as tutors/mentors, provide assistance in the classroom, participate as senior exhibition panel members, participate on business/community partnership advisory boards, assist in the main office, in the library/media centers and with fundraising efforts for school foundations, scholarships, field trips, etc.

Senior Living

Those in retirement communities often face loneliness and a regular visitor can cheer up a heart.
Contact your local retirement community to find out about visitations or service needs. Here are some communities we have ministered at in the past.
Sunrise of La Jolla
Emeritus at Clairemont

Refugee support

The Southern Sudanese Community of San Diego
There are approximately 6,000 Southern Sudanese refugees in San Diego and South Sudan has been in a war like state for years. Many of these refugees have spent time in camps before receiving asylum.
Drivers: Drivers will be responsible for picking up transporting students to and from the center.
Tutors: Tutors assist with basic educational skills including math, reading, English and science.
Grant Writers & Fundraising specialists: We need grant writers who can achieve results.
Desktop publishers: We need help with publishing newsletters, and other desktop publishing functions.
Documentary Filmmakers: This is a great opportunity for anyone wants to do a story about refugees from the genocide in Sudan trying to assimilate into American culture.

Homeless Support

San Diego Rescue Mission

Tecate Mission

Located on the US side of Tecate Mexico, Tecate Mission International often needs help with work around the grounds, construction and carpentry.

Community Planning Groups

The city of San Diego is divided up into 50 different neighborhoods and each one has its own community planning group. In order to have a voice in your neighborhood attending planning group meetings or being on a planning group is a great way to represent a Christian worldview.