India Update

It is a privilege for me to briefly report what our BTCP students have accomplished in the month of October.  I will be soon sending you the report of November too. By God’s grace all the students are keeping well. I have both pleasant and unpleasant news to report for your prayers. The bad news is that the Nepal government has passed anti-conversion bill just last month and our two trainees are facing problem in doing evangelism.

According the law, whoever is found converting someone to another religion will be punished with five years of imprisonment and a penalty of fifty thousand rupees. But both of them are working very hard as you will see 4 people are ready to get baptism very soon. As the result, we are all urged to fervently pray to God for their safety as well as their ministry. But we also have good news of God’s mighty hand upon our trainees who are working in India. They are:

  1. Sawan Thapa, from Darjeeling, West Bengal has given baptism to 9 people. He has Started a new fellowship.
  2. Sanjib Mech from Dimapur, Nagaland  has 3 people ready for baptism. They will be baptized in December
  3. John Thapa, from Dimapur, Nagaland  has given baptism to 2 people.
  4. Dixon Kimsing from Arunach Pradesh has baptized 9 people. He has just started a new fellowship with them.
  5. Something Magar of Nepal has 4 people ready for baptism.

God has richly blessed our partnership and I am sure He is going to do mighty work as we labor together in His vast harvest field. I myself will be visiting the planted fellowships and personally see the work very soon and report back to you. Let us uphold them in our prayers that more people will come to the saving knowledge of God and start more new fellowships through our trainees. I have attached here some ministry pictures of Dixon Kimsing and Sawan Thapa.

Prayer requests

  1. Pray for the recruitment of a new batch. Fifteen new male students will be recruited.
  2. Pray for the post-graduation financial needs of the current batch and for the support of the new batch.
  3. Pray for the students who do not show any progress in their outreach ministry.
  4. Pray for Something Magar and Darshan Deuba who are working in Nepal so that they are kept safe from the persecution.
  5. Sawan Thapa is in need of a church building as 13 families are attending his fellowship.

 In His service,

Ngounibou Thiumai

Registrar, BTCP, Siliguri

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