Church Is Doing Well!

The church is moving well,last Sunday we had some students from Pakwach Uganda college of Commerce, they came to evangelize in our Community, my Teaching last Sunday was ” How Can we Live as Christians In the Midst of Conflict” This teaching was a blessing to the Students, Church Members and the Sudanese. The U C C Students have invited B R C to go and teach them on this topic and more,we are going next month for one day teaching and we shall travel back with the Evening Bus.

The Church is blessed with a boy of Seventeen years the boy is saved and the paternal uncle don’t like him because of Salvation, the father died and the Mother is now Married to another man,when things became tough for this boy a relative of mine in Paidha Zombo District who is a Roman Catholic advised this boy to come to me this is a big blessing in the body Christ, he is doing well in the church.
—————The Sudanese who are staying with me that is James,Davide, Kalany and Ayik Zakaria are facing serious School fees Issues that is now affecting them, I have tried my level best to talk to the School and paid James last term and this term I paid for james only Sh 100.000/ I am afraid these boys are going to miss end of term exams and that will means repeating next year.My humble request is, talk to the Sudanese and any well wishers in the church to support these boys, a USD 200 per month could pay their School fees and Support them in feeding, I have numbers of people to feed and to educate. Due to war in Sudan the situation is not favorable and this is not the time you can leave a brother or a sister at a time like this.
May the members in the Church see the Glory of God by Supporting these brothers who are in the Lord, God bless you all.
Fellow Servant